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Photo Issue #2, Page 16


And so the last page of issue #2 is here.  The name “Dameon Strykes” is finally given.

As this is the of an issue, I’ll be taking a month off to make sure all the new pages are ready to go. We’ll return back to issue #3. Issue #3 had been previously released as a photo comic already, but I’ve made some minor changes throughout. My audience has also greatly grown since the original release of issue #3, so we’ll be releasing it again much like we did this one with a page a week.

Photo Issue #2, Page 15


I love taking pictures of pool tables. They provide so many options for focus, lighting, and arrangement.  If you’re a beginning photographer, I highly recommend playing around with your camera and pool table. The hardest part is going to be generally pool tables are found in bars and other low light situations, and that causes some limitations.Use that as a challenge or a way to focus on just the arrangement and focus.

Not to mention, but you get the pleasure of playing pool, which I absolutely love.

Photo Issue #2, Page 14


When I went hunting for this picture, I had clearly pictured a different bar. Went to the other bar, and unfortunately its sign was massive. The bar has a unique name, so I’d have to find a way to not show the sign, but the bar proudly announces its name to all, making it hard for me to get a picture of the bar without the sign. The only angle I could get of the bar without its sign was from an angle that not only hid the bar sign, but any semblance of it looking like a bar. I was disappointed that after 20 clicks, I found nothing usable.

On the positive side, I live in a town of many bars. While this bar’s sign is visible, I know I’ve drank at many bars named “The Ship.”

Photo Issue #2, Page 13

With no offense intended, for me churches are creepy.  It’s where I learned about sin, about judgment, and the place I namely visited for funerals. I’ve never been religious myself, and so church has stolen multiple friends from me because I wasn’t religious enough. I don’t have any real positive associations with churches, but plenty of negative ones. I could do an entire comic book with churches as the image, and I’m sure I could make it creepy through the whole thing.

Photo Issue #2, Page 12

Whenever I go on trips, I always make sure I have my camera with me. I never know what kind of interesting things I’ll run into. I have a whole folder of “potential photos” The folder grew so much that I made sub-folders like “Buildings,” “Vehicles,” “Nature,” “WTF?” and the like. Then some of those folders needed to grow further and now I have sub-sub-folders like “Livable Buildings,” “Demolished Buildings,” “Creepy Nature” and so on so forth. I have each file named, and I have an idea of where they are. Whenever I need a specific type of building, I peruse the folders.

I’ve had many for a long time that I don’t know where they were taken. I can make some guesses what city this is from, but nothing exact. I also made sure to remove any identifying marks, such as address #s or things like that. I’d hate for someone to get harassed because of my art. I do love these buildings though. So much character.

This picture is not of an asylum or a psychiatric ward or anything like that. I’m pretty sure it’s just someone house.

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