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Photo Issue #3, Page 9


I’ve had people ask me what’s going on with this photo before. I was looking for an open grave. I was hoping to find a clean and neat one, like you see in a movie right before they lower a casket. I was going out once a week to various graveyards to try to find this photo. I love going on hikes and walks, so it wasn’t completely out of my way, but I was definitely getting frustrated with how difficult this task was proving to be. I even called a few of the local places to see if they could tell me when. One was super suspicious of why I was asking, and the other didn’t have anything slated for a bit.

Then I found this. Not sure why there was a recently dug grave that was just left open with all the dirt on the side, but there was. Taking a picture down into it didn’t look right. It just looked like a weird hole as they hadn’t finished nor cleaned it out. I took this picture from a variety of angles, and this is the best I could get. A side of the open grave.


Photo Issue #3, Page 8

Not a lot to this photo. This is a local post office.  This is also one of the few, if not only, allusion to the City of Dis being somewhere in the United States.  I think there are a few other references to the City of Dis’ size (it’s enormous), and that it borders a coast, but beyond that it’s actual location is not said. I know, and I would gladly go into it one day… but the photos do not lend well to that.

Photo Issue #3, Page 7


Like so many of my pictures, I thought finding a burned down building wouldn’t be hard. I had a distinct memory of frequently driving by long abandoned burned down buildings all the time. Unfortunately, whenever I passed them, I was either in a rush, or I had no camera. I actually have a list of dilapidated buildings I want to take pictures of the next time I go on a relaxing road trip.

This shot was actually taken while I was on vacation and out of town. I brought my camera so I could take touristy photos, not so I could find pictures for my comic bool. I’m very glad I did bring my camera though, as I found A LOT for my comic book on that vacation. Now I really look forward to my next big vacation, which I believe is planned to be Texas, as I hear that I will get a plethora of old creepy buildings.

Photo Issue #3, Page 6


This is easily one of my most constructed shots I’ve ever done. I found some rusty rebar, the place I was living at someone had dumped a mattress, and I went out and bought a bunch of chocolate syrup (for black and white, chocolate syrup is a good consistency to match blood). My roommate, who was also manager of the apartment, joined me, mostly so she could let other people know that they didn’t have to call that there was a madman stabbing and spraying a mattress with chocolate syrup in the parking lot. Even with her, there were still quite a few questions as to what I was doing.

I had a lot of fun. I think this is one of my best shots I have, so it was also very rewarding, even if some people at the complex looked at me differently afterwards.

Photo Issue #3, Page 5


I have had multiple field days of just strolling through graveyards. Probably not surprising that a man who writes a horror / noir comic book has an affinity for graveyards. I used to live just a couple blocks from a cemetery, and that was the place I would go for a relaxing walk. I’d often bring my dogs with me, too (don’t worry, I cleaned up any messes they made). I’ve never found them to be creepy, even with my love for zombie movies.

For anyone concerned though, I am respectful of the graves. This is not because of fear of an afterlife or upsetting the dead, but because its disrespectful to the living. I have never gone out and not seen people paying respects to the dead. I know if I came upon the grave of someone I once loved and found it defiled, I would be upset. I have no intention of causing such harm to others.

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