The Iron Fist Regime

Where Dameon Strykes was born

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Photo Issue #3, Page 14

I definitely wanted a physical map of the City of Dis. Unfortunately, the only physical maps I could find in my area was maps of the West Coast. While I used a based of Los Angeles, I added some San Francisco to the map as well. I tried to delete any mentions of major areas, such as E. Los Angeles, from the map. I then adjusted the tiny USA map to show it selecting the East Coast.

If I was better, I would have just created my own map of the City of Dis. The city is supposed to be massive, being large enough to cover the large majority of the East Coast. Perhaps in the future I’ll manage to depict it even better. For now though, I am not displeased with this image.

Photo Issue #3, Page 13

While the image has as much going on it as page 10, there’s a lot less intended to be read from it. I simply hoped to get across an idea that this is a random person’s house. The script for the drawn issue involved having 4 frames of people only watching TV while Lisa Flowers reported the crime.

Some interesting tidbits about this photo. The image on the screen is from the original Silent Hill. The person’s head in this photograph is mine.


Photo Issue #3, Page 12


“Redemption” is an oft repeated word throughout this comic book. I don’t want to call it the central theme, but it is definitely a theme to look out for. Hones frequently talks about redemption, Purity was part of a cult called Redemption, and on this page Soulscourger screams “No Redemption.” As the writer, and with no intention of spoiling the future, I’m sure this is not the last time we’ll see the word “Redemption” in my pages. 

Photo Issue #3, Page 11


When re-releasing this issue, I generally made minor adjustments to each and every page. That adjustment was how much space that text boxes took. Some, I did minor edits with lighting. This page I completely redid. The original image was:



I know what my original intent was. Unfortunately, the deadline for this page was quickly approaching. It was the middle of spring, and I couldn’t find any places selling skulls (fake or otherwise). I did not have enough time to kill someone, cleans the flesh from their skull, and bleach the skull so it’d look good, either, so that was out of the picture. So instead, I used a crystal skull from some vodka I enjoyed hoping it would make a suitable replacement. It did not.

Issue #3 was also supposed to follow a drawn version of issue #2. While I have closely followed the original script, I have ret-conned the drawn issues. In those, we see Doctor Fisher wearing a set of glasses. They were nothing like the aviators used in this photo. A friend kept telling me they’d let me borrow their glasses, and well… it never happened. I never got to borrow the glasses, and as the due date approached I used what I had available…which were my aviators.

While the new image is far from perfect, it is significantly better than the old.

Photo Issue #3, Page 10


I feel like this shot has the most going on for issue #3. Upper left, we have a coffee cup and a picture of Dameon Strykes. We see a disheveled bed, indicating that this is at Hones’ house, thus he’s taking his work home. Furthermore, that he can’t sleep, which is further verified by the words and the 3:48 am time. I hope the image alone, without the words, scream out about Thomas Hones’ obsession with this case.

I generally don’t take such structured shots. This is mostly because most of my photographs don’t allow for this amount of elaborate work. Generally I’m just taking a quick snapshot before I leave the area. Also, I feel if all my images were so heavy with information, it would reduce the importance of images like this one. 

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