Our Mission

To create original stories and characters that will become iconic to fans of fantasy and science fiction.

Our Vision

We will build a diversified brand of original ideas for graphic novels, comic books, television, cinema, video games, and all mediums associated to these fields. All brands will be under the “Iron Fist Regime” parent company.

Goals and Objectives

To produce an original graphic novel that will be the creative stepping stone into the competitive market. With the first successful product we will continue to produce new material and move into new markets such as TV, cinema, short comics, and merchandise. An on-line website with products will be one of first entryʼs into the market we are attempting to enter.

Our first product’s success will help us develop follow-ups to that product and build word of mouth for our company that will allow us to expand into new product lines and mediums.

Our History

T.J. Broadbent and Michael Johnson have been friends as of 2000 until the present. They both attended South Eugene High school from 2000-2003 and reconnected after college in 2011 to create the company they had always dreamed of “Iron Fist Regime”

Our Principals

We will bring to our market original stories that are honest and from the heart. We will not pull punchʼs or censor theses stories. Pleasing our fans and the market is our number one goal.

Taking care our our staff is also very important. Anyone that works for our company will be respected and treated fairly. The way to true quality is by taking care of the people that can provide it.