I’ve had people ask me what’s going on with this photo before. I was looking for an open grave. I was hoping to find a clean and neat one, like you see in a movie right before they lower a casket. I was going out once a week to various graveyards to try to find this photo. I love going on hikes and walks, so it wasn’t completely out of my way, but I was definitely getting frustrated with how difficult this task was proving to be. I even called a few of the local places to see if they could tell me when. One was super suspicious of why I was asking, and the other didn’t have anything slated for a bit.

Then I found this. Not sure why there was a recently dug grave that was just left open with all the dirt on the side, but there was. Taking a picture down into it didn’t look right. It just looked like a weird hole as they hadn’t finished nor cleaned it out. I took this picture from a variety of angles, and this is the best I could get. A side of the open grave.