I have had multiple field days of just strolling through graveyards. Probably not surprising that a man who writes a horror / noir comic book has an affinity for graveyards. I used to live just a couple blocks from a cemetery, and that was the place I would go for a relaxing walk. I’d often bring my dogs with me, too (don’t worry, I cleaned up any messes they made). I’ve never found them to be creepy, even with my love for zombie movies.

For anyone concerned though, I am respectful of the graves. This is not because of fear of an afterlife or upsetting the dead, but because its disrespectful to the living. I have never gone out and not seen people paying respects to the dead. I know if I came upon the grave of someone I once loved and found it defiled, I would be upset. I have no intention of causing such harm to others.