When I initially switched from a drawn comic to a photo comic, I kept in a lot of the drawn art for characters throughout the pages. Such as, originally I used Lisa Flowers drawn face from issue #2 in a future page, and you’ll see that it is now a real person with a blurred out face.

The same is not true of Dameon Strykes. For him, I kept his drawn face. As talked about earlier, I don’t want an actor who I have to rely on for his photos. Also though, I think using a drawn or artistic representation of Dameon separates him from the other characters. It makes him stand out as one of the few characters who has a face, but it’s not of the physical world.

As for the report, I did some research and I believe this isn’t a bad representation of what a report should look like. Feel free to call me out on it. This report also has a bunch of information that is important for background information, but not necessarily important for the story.